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Any time is a good time to pick up an instrument or raise your voice in song!



Posted on 21 July, 2014 at 1:20

Welcome to the Sweet Saturday Blog! We will try and post some stories and updates about our shows and adventures here for you folks to peruse through.

We are now back at home after our weekend at the Sandy Creek Gospel Jamboree, and what a weekend it was! We had so much fun this weekend meeting new people, singing our favorite songs and enjoying the weekend with our families and each other. We were privileged to meet other talented groups and families and listen to their incredible harmonies. We very much appreciated those incredibly talented musicians who inspired us with their musicianship and their dedication to God’s work in their lives.

Another notable accomplishment for us this weekend is the release of our new EP ‘Joyful’ which features four of our own original songs! We are proud of our work and cannot wait for everyone to hear it! Recording was a bit of an adventure in June; we were able to use a wonderful space in our church and had the privilege of working with some very talented and generous musicians. We recorded some of our tracks during a lightning storm which made our electric guitar sound even more electric. Every time the lightning would strike, the guitar amp would buzz and hum making it a challenge to get a clean track. Our sound engineer, Cam was very patient though and it all worked out perfectly! Cam was very dedicated and spent hours working at recording tracks, editing, mixing and fixing our little details. He recorded tracks for us even when he was sick and should have been at home sleeping! That is dedication to the job, if I have ever seen it!

We were also fortunate to have Darius, our friend and oh so talented musician to help us produce and perform our music. He has been very supportive and dedicated as well. He spent lots of time with Cam working out the final details of the mix and coaching us along to produce our best work. Not only is he talented, but he is also a good sport. He learned and performed a Glockenspiel solo for our last performance and seriously rocked it out! It was one of the cutest things we have ever heard! Way to go Darius, you really do fit right in with us girls. Darius is an organ player by trade and also plays anything else with keys that resemble a piano. He is always so happy to groove along with us and really adds so much to our sound. We love having him play music with us! Darius’ look is super groovy too. He is always thinking about his ‘look’ and manages to really fit in with us girls. This weekend, he sported a pink gingham bowtie, a plaid bowtie and of course the classic black bowtie during different shows.( Until this weekend I had never considered that there might be a bowtie that wasn’t the classic black….now I know.)

                                                Darius sporting a bowtie and an accordian...it's a good look, Darius! 

We really should take some time and thank our families for letting us have this great hobby. We spend countless hours rehearsing, performing (and lately recording) and they hold down the fort at home. They come and help us set up for shows, haul our gear around, be our sound guys, take multiple takes of our YouTube videos, listen to our songs again and again and again and tell us they love our music even after hearing the same songs for three hours straight. They tolerate us independently practicing obnoxious instruments at home and even offer encouragement to keep practicing when we get frustrated. So, thank you for helping us out, encouraging us and being patient with us as we learn new instruments.

We can’t wait to see you at our shows and want to encourage you to come and chat with us. Thank you for supporting Sweet Saturday, coming out to our shows, buying our CDs and telling us how much you love our music.

Stay posted for more updates on our web page and as always “anytime is a good time to pick up an instrument or raise your voice in song”.

                                                       - Mandy





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